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Internal phone extension : x2611 

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The links to the left are used to access firm resources remotely.  A brief explanation is included on the right side.



Email : Outlook Web

Time Entry




Allow IT to connect to you (IE)

Access L and O drives


Relativity (DTI)

“Citrix” - this is used to access the full range of firm resources, including email, Worldox, time entry, Word, Excel, Summation and file shares (such as the L Drive).

“Email : Outlook Web” - this is used when you simply need to check and respond to emails, calendar and contacts, or to change your “Out Of Office” message.

“Time Entry” - direct access to enter time.  You MUST disable pop-ups for the time entry page in order for it to function properly.

“Sharefile” - web access to the WWHGD Sharefile site

“MimeCast” - used to check your SPAM filter, manage senders, and when firm email is down.. Use your EMAIL address to log on


When working with IT - allows proxy connection to your computer.  PCs MUST use Internet Explorer, Macs use Safari

Web browser access to the L and O drives


“Relativity (DTI)” - this is a link to a vendor who is hosting several matters for us.